Friday, 8 June 2012

CAPE Values for April 2012

I am a  follower of Robert Shiller's cyclically adjusted p/e ratio (CAPE). The CAPE seems to work reasonably well for the US and I am always interested in what CAPEs look like for other countries. To date, however, Mebane Faber is the only person that I am aware of that does this type of calculation for other countries.I have taken the data  from his recent post and ranked the countries according to CAPE. Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium all have CAPE values below 10. Notice these are all European countries. Canada and the US have high CAPE values.

Country Value
Italy 7.34
Spain 8.33
Netherlands 9.4
Belgium 9.62
Russia 10.24
France 10.98
Austria 11.06
China 12.88
UK 13.24
Singapore 13.27
Germany 13.7
Australia 14.01
Turkey 14.65
Switzerland 14.67
Japan 15.2
Sweden 15.21
Brazil 15.77
Taiwan 16
Hong Kong 16.05
Thailand 16.34
South Africa 17.44
Korea 18.62
Canada 18.86
India 20.06
Mexico 21.69
USA 21.76
Malaysia 23.12
Chile 26.4
Indonesia 29.41

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